Author: Tom Greening

Psychology needs a licensing exam that includes the Arts and Humanities


The ultimate licensing exam “The spiritual side, the poetic side, the giving and forgiving side, the generous and loving side, are humankind’s finest features.  Hebb defined psychology many years ago as not being poetry.  Although Hebb was my scientific hero, I demur from defining psychology without poetry.” – Frank Farley, American Psychological Association President, 1994…. Read more »

My Last Poem


This will be the last poem I write (please restrain your cheering) until I‘m presented with neurophysiological outcome research evidence that they make a positive difference. So far, writing them has wasted my time and reading them has kept better men from dong the world’s work. This is unethical, unscientific, and grounds for malpractice prosecution…. Read more »

An Existential Poem: “A Single Case Study”


I am an electromagnetic burst … A SINGLE CASE STUDY I am an anomalous surge, a bioelectromagnetic burst. Study me with EEG topographic mapping (a great advance over phrenology), ferret out my subtle energies, record the markers of my emotion, sift my positive and negative ions for signs of virtue, and measure the build-up and… Read more »