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Sudarshan Kriya and yoga: Saybrook student chooses new way to overcome addiction

Anjali Talcherkar

Anjali Talcherkar had been arguing for years with her psychiatrist about using antidepressants. Although addiction runs in her family and she was diagnosed with clinical depression, she felt antidepressants were hurting instead of helping her. After landing on the doorstep of Los Angeles’ Friendly House Women’s Recovery Home in 2011, and learning more about the… Read more »

Book Review: Post-traumatic stress disorder. Krippner & Davies


  Book Review: Krippner, S., Pitchford, D. B., & Davies, J. (2012). Post-traumatic stress disorder. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood. Reviewed by Selene Kumin Vega, Ph.D. (Psychology), 2009 Trauma is often associated with violence, either from war, personal attacks, or abuse, but it can just as easily be a result of unpredictable and seriously disruptive forces of nature (hurricanes,… Read more »

Higher Ed Watch – a look at student loan debt


Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo   The issues around the student debt crises continue to be a focus of this column. For this installment I thought to share some of the latest information being brought to us by a new website known as, Student loan default continues to be a key concern for many. According to Andrew Martin… Read more »

Siren Song: The Life and Works of Dr. Stanley Krippner


Stanley Krippner   by Nadine Vaughan, Ph.D. It is 1975. I arrive at the threshold of the rest of my life with excitement. I am about to meet the folks who make Saybrook the “go to” place for a doctorate in humanistic psychology. Then called The Humanist Psychology Institute (HPI), it is already the stuff of urban… Read more »

Saybrook University Psychology Alumnus Dr. Ken Bausch Releases Body Wisdom in Dialogue: Rediscovering the Voice of the Goddess


Dr. Ken Bausch BOOK REVIEW: BAUSCH, K.C., & FLANAGAN, T.R. (2012). BODY WISDOM IN DIALOGUE: REDISCOVERING THE VOICE OF THE GODDESS . by Jerry Kurtyka, M.A. (OS), Saybrook 2002 Body Wisdom in Dialogue is a guide book for understanding the feelings that enable and sustain heartfelt discussions as collective conversations, an ancient art which has been… Read more »

Saybrook University Alumna Dr. Terilyn Jones-Henderson Embodies Humanistic Ideals in Her Work


Dr. Terilyn Jones-Henderson Dr. Terilyn Jones-Henderson: A Profile By Pat Brawley, Ph.D. Saybrook University ’97 Dr. Terilyn Jones-Henderson, Saybrook Psychology Graduate, Ph.D. ’06, embodies the Humanistic approach both in her work with foster and adoptive youth and in her personal life with her family of five. Her compassionate work emphasizes the foundational belief that each… Read more »

Saybrook University Alumnus and Faculty Member Dr. Bob Flax Named to World Federalist Movement’s Governing Body


Dr. Bob Flax Saybrook Psychology Alumnus Dr. Bob Flax (Ph.D. ’92), also a faculty member and Chief Research Coordinator at Saybrook University’s Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies, has been named to the governing body of the World Federalist Movement. The announcement was made at the WFM’s 26th annual conference in July. Founded in… Read more »

Saybrook Alumnus Dr. Sil Machado Appointed to Core Faculty at the Sanville Institute


Dr. Sil Machado The Saybrook Alumni Association and Saybrook University are proud to announce that Psychology Alumnus Dr. Sil Machado was recently appointed to the Core Faculty at the Sanville Institute for Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy in Berkeley, CA. Established in 1974, the Sanville Institute offers a PhD in clinical social work and a… Read more »

Sacred Sexuality: A Path to Self-Awareness


Dr. Ellie Zarrabian Saybrook Psychology Alumna Dr. Ellie Zarrabian (Ph.D. 2010) is a third generation Shamanic Healer and the Founder and Spiritual Director of Centerpeace Foundation – A Holistic Center for Psychotherapy and Spirituality. Dr. Zarrabian incorporates her Shamanic roots from the Sufi/Jewish tradition in Iran with her background in Transpersonal Psychology to help bring… Read more »

Is there Help if You are not Pathologically Angry, but Still Lose It from Time to Time?


Dr. Steven Wolf The brain can be trained to identify and redirect anger impulses before they are automatically expressed, according to Saybrook University Psychology Alumnus Dr. Steven Wolf.  Steven is so confident individuals can learn to redirect anger impulses in a positive way that he guarantees success for those who complete his three stage training… Read more »