Category: Rethinking Complexity

Inspiring space, place, and U.Lab: A personal reflection on The Presencing Institute’s Foundations Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Travel offers many opportunities, among them the chance to broaden one’s mind. As a lived experience, travel also offers access to insight through other, more holistic ways of knowing. My recent excursion to Cape Town, South Africa was just that: an integrated foray into other ways of knowing via The Presencing Institute’s in person U.Lab… Read more »

Crisis management: Essential for 21st century leadership

Saybrook University will facilitate a 3-day crisis management workshop hosted at the City of Renton. The workshop will introduce the fundamentals of crisis management and strategy. The workshop will emphasize learning about how to prepare for and respond to a multitude of crises from systems, organizational dynamics, and psychodynamics perspectives. This workshop will demonstrate the… Read more »

Managing the globally networked organization (part 1)

How do organizations made up of networked employees across the country, or the world, foster the close teamwork and collaboration necessary to make basic processes move smoothly, let alone to innovate and thrive? It’s a vital question to answer, impacting everything from global productivity to worker satisfaction. Dr. Charles Piazza, who directs Saybrook’s MA in… Read more »

Bringing an organizational lens to the complex issue of abrasive leadership

by Lynn Harrison, Ph.D. The focus of my dissertation research was the phenomenon of abrasive leadership, that is, a pattern of managerial behavior that causes significant distress for coworkers, impacting organizational functioning. In doing my initial research, I found that most of the writing on this topic was focused (quite understandably) on the recipients of this… Read more »

Stop managing and start leading!

No one likes to be managed. It is intrinsically diminishing and a poor substitute for leadership. Managing also doesn’t work as a long-term strategy for enrolling people in a shared effort, whether in business, families, or communities. So, how did we come to elevate managing and management as the epitome of leadership, and why do… Read more »

Holocracy: Leadership from inside out

Holacracy is a real-world-tested social technology for purposeful organization. It radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed.Implementing holocracy means that CEOs give up some level of power. The advantage is that they get to view their company through an entirely different vantage point. But it’s an adjustment… Read more »

An unexpected journey into ‘humanistic’ economic models

As I began my PhD journey 3 years ago I never thought it would lead to exploring economic models. In my graduate program in the 90s I had taken two semesters of economics and healthcare finance and I must admit it was painful.   I considered those courses my foreign languages.  As a nurse, I was… Read more »