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Kerubo Abuya, MBA, MS, PMP

A. Kerubo Abuya is a doctoral student at Saybrook University pursuing studies in Organizational Systems. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Nairobi, a Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University and an MBA from Colorado State University. Kerubo has also earned professional certifications in… Read more »

Julie Auger, MA

Despite growing up in a city outside Detroit, Julie Auger innately yearned for the smell of rich soil sprinkled with pine needles and breeze swept fields laughing in wildflowers. She earned her bachelors of environmental science and biology from Florida International University, and then spent nearly thirteen years working with the USFS and USFWS. An… Read more »

Jay G. Cone, MBA

Jay Cone has spent the past 25 years designing and facilitating leadership development, strategic thinking, and innovation learning processes.  Prior to joining Interaction Associates, Jay worked in the food service industry as a Training manager, Human Resources Director and Organizational Development consultant. A noted speaker and writer, Jay has presented at the National Restaurant Association’s… Read more »

Mark Craemer, MA

Mark Craemer is an experienced leadership coach and organization development consultant focused on helping clients find clarity and commitment to more effectively communicate and collaborate with others in the workplace. Prior to founding Craemer Consulting, Mark spent more than 25 years managing projects and groups in corporate, small business and non-profit environments. He was instrumental… Read more »

Dennis Jaffe, PhD

An advisor to families about family business, governance, wealth and philanthropy, Dr. Jaffee is one of the founders of the field of family wealth management. A former Adelaide Thinker in Residence for the government of Australia, he is author of numerous books on organizational development, family business dynamics, and the impact of wealth on families…. Read more »

Brett Joseph, MA

Brett is an associate organizational consultant with LEAD Vision, Inc. and manager of the non-profit Center for Ecological Culture, Inc. both of which are based on northeastern Ohio.  He also serves as Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator and adjunct faculty teaching permaculture at the Lorain County (Ohio) Community College.  His 24 years of professional experience includes… Read more »

Kathia C. Laszlo, PhD

Dr. Laszlo is a founding partner of Syntony Quest, which works with sustainability projects in the US and Mexico. As a consultant, she is the facilitator and designer of innovative learning systems within corporations, educational institutions, and communities. A Saybrook graduate, she has conducted numerous action-research projects on social change and sustainable development.

Gary Metcalf

An international consultant and speaker, Gary Metcalf’s practice ranges from learning to leadership. He is also a part-time faculty member in schools of business in the US and in India. He received his PhD from Saybrook in Human Science and has remained active in systems organizations, presenting and publishing internationally. He currently serves as President… Read more »

Bernice Moore-Valdez, PhD

Dr. Bernice Moore-Valdez is President of ICO Consulting, a company that focuses on effective collaborative engagement and leadership. ICO turns distances and differences into strengths. Dr. Moore-Valdez has worked for and provided consulting services for Fortune 100 companies — leading large international and virtual teams to attain high customer and employee satisfaction with outcomes of… Read more »

Chuck Piazza, PhD

Chuck Piazza, PhD is a social philosopher, educator-mentor, and ethicist who critically examines the behavior of contemporary sociotechnical organizational systems, and the human dynamics  and networking processes (particularly leadership, workforce relationships, societal impact) related to them. With an interdisciplinary approach to social informatics as a background, he explores organizational communication and social networking in the… Read more »