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Organizations as Communities: Invoking the Human Spirit

It’s Monday and you wake up without an alarm clock, looking forward to your day at the office—you love what you do and you love the people with whom you work. You are a member of a community: trust, mutual support, open communication, and friendships sustain your whole self as much as the income you… Read more »

What’s your Spiritual Footprint?

“Some day, when we have harnessed the power of the sun  and the waves and gravity, we will learn how to harness the power of love. And then, for the second time, we will have discovered fire.” — Teilhard de Chardin We’ve all heard of the notion of an ecological footprint—that measure of human impact… Read more »

The Practices of Systemic Sustainability

Systemic sustainability is a process of development—individual, organizational, or societal—involving an adaptive strategy of emergence that ensures the evolutionary maintenance of an increasingly robust and supportive environment. Systemic sustainability goes beyond the triple bottom line and embraces “the possibility that human and other forms of life will flourish on the Earth forever” as beautifully expressed… Read more »

Sustainability Starts When You Throw Away the Instruction Manual

If there were an easy manual for sustainability, we’d follow it:  western culture loves three easy steps, quick decisions, and technical fixes.  Such a manual is great, for the right problem when we’re dealing with technical problems for which there are known solutions.  But life isn’t a problem to be solved, and neither are people… Read more »