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DSM-5 Round Two: With DSM-5 Approval, Society for Humanistic Psychologyês Efforts to Reform Psychiatric Diagnosis Start Anew


Photo by Richard Masoner. On December 1, without much fanfare, the Board of the American Psychiatric Association approved the draft of the DSM-5. Even as of today, more than a week later, very few news outlets have covered this major story. It seems as though the American Psychiatric Association would rather keep things quiet rather… Read more »

Facing the Surface of the World in Depth: A Very Brief Introduction to Phenomenology


How does one become a phenomenologist? First and foremost, phenomenology is a way of seeing—it is a style of perceiving the world, others and one’s self. This style of seeing is a sensibility that can be cultivated by drawing upon the liberal arts in all their glory—not only the natural sciences, but especially literature, the… Read more »

More Than 500 People Attend DSM-5 Symposium at APA


Photo by Richard Masoner On Friday, August 3rd, the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32) hosted a special President’s Symposium at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. The symposium, titled “The DSM-5 Controversy,” was attended by more than 500 individuals, and was videotaped by the APA for C.E. credit viewing.   Brent… Read more »

The goal of therapy is to put therapists out of business


This is not therapeutic Note: this is a previuosly unpublished adaptation of a presentation originally made as part of a panel, Ethics of Alterity: Implications of Levinas for Psychotherapy, at the Third Annual Conference on Counseling and Spirituality: Trends, Traditions and Ethics, Gannon University, Erie, PA, September 22-23, 2000. I decided to include it after reading… Read more »