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Awakening the Senses: Materializing Our Own Meaning


Johann Peter Hasenclever’s Die Sentimentale This past week I was looking for a definition of perception for some academic work and sat down to read through my notes on Aldous Huxley’s Doors of Perception (1954). The vivid accounts of magnanimous shifts of consciousness were enticing. I thought about the fantastic accounts of folds in trousers… Read more »

Dreaming and Healing the Fragmented Psyche


Charles Napier Hemy’s Running for Home Row, row, row your boat… For the past three years, I have been very fortunate to be a member of a healing community that regularly comes together for powerful psychospiritual workshops. This community offers ample opportunities for deepening self awareness and healing for ourselves and each other. Earlier this… Read more »

Midlife and Integration of the Masculine: How Dating Has Shaken My Shadow


I am a single woman who is entering midlife. I am a therapist and a poet. I am also a woman who is struggling with a drive for internal freedom, external connection, a shift in the manifestation of my masculine and feminine energies, and a strong desire to explore what my innermost being needs to… Read more »

Towards an Existential Dreamwork


In The Discover of Being, May (1983) says: It is clear at the outset that what distinguishes the existential therapy is not what the therapist would specifically do, let us say, in meeting anxiety or confronting resistance or getting the life history and so forth, but rather the context of his therapy. How an existential… Read more »