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The threshold of mystery: Existential psychology, embodied knowing, and spirituality (part 2)


This essay is the second of two, comprising an article that began with my essay posted on May 1, 2015. The prior essay initiated a consideration of the spiritual aspects of existential psychology and psychotherapy, endeavoring to show that what is commonly understood to be transpersonal psychology expands, enhances, and enriches the Existential-Humanistic paradigm for… Read more »

The threshold of mystery: Existential psychology, embodied knowing, and spirituality (part 1)


This essay is the first of two, comprising an article that will be concluded in my next contribution to the New Existentialists. In my Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy courses, upon encountering concepts of existential philosophy and psychology for the first time, some of my more religious students become ensnared in and troubled by their perception that existentialism… Read more »

Finding my tribe to recreate home


At the recent Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference in Chicago, Theopia Jackson’s keynote speech challenged the Humanistic Psychology community to wake up to the realities of their privileges. It was a heartfelt plea to honor not only the multiculturalism and diversity of the clients that we serve, but also within the community itself, and to… Read more »

Emotional Conversion


Maurice Merleau-Ponty tells us that we are Beings-in-the-World through our bodies—that it is through our sensations, perceptions, and kinesthetic senses that we can know and relate to our Self and to others. This concept is intrinsic to understanding existential psychotherapy as a mind-body practice and appreciating that relationship has to happen on both levels. It… Read more »

Raising the White Flag


Photo by David Roseborough. It’s 2.57am, and I find myself wide awake, yet again, for the third consecutive night. Apart from the constant trips to the bathroom throughout the night (and day, for that matter), I found out that these midnight awakenings are just another one of those uncontrollable “perks” one gets to enjoy during… Read more »