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Social Transformation professor Marc Pilisuk encourages action on rising student debt levels


by Marc Pilisuk Student loan debt has surpassed one trillion dollars, exceeding the total of credit card debt in our country. Yet unlike other types of debt, student loans cannot be used as a reason for declaring bankruptcy. Many Saybrook students – like students everywhere – are adversely affected by crushing levels of student debt…. Read more »

Prof. Marc Pilisuk to participate in OccuPsy dialogue


On March 28th, Saybrook’s Dr. Pilisuk will participate in the invitation-only event OccuPsy: Mobilizing Critical Psychoanalysis for the Movement. This gathering brings together people who think psychologically, psychoanalytically, and critically to brainstorm and dialogue about what might be helpful in strengthening the movement, especially with regard to helping it grow and become more effective. Themes… Read more »

Stanley Krippner to receive the APA’s award for distinguished lifetime contributions to humanistic psychology


Saybrook University is thrilled to announced that PHS faculty member Stanley Krippner has been selected to receive the American Psychological Association’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Humanistic Psychology. Krippner, a past president of two APA divisions, is known and respected the world over for his pioneering work in “anomalous” areas that challenge mainstream paradigms…. Read more »