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Cynthia Fitzgerald takes over as Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services


Cyndy Fitzgerald, formerly dean of LIOS Graduate College, took over as Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services at the beginning of November. Originally from Sacramento, California, she received her PhD in Applied Behavioral Science/Higher Education Leadership from Azusa Pacific University in 2007. We sat down with Cyndy for a few questions about her new… Read more »

The view from Occupy Oakland

(The following description of Occupy Oakland, just prior to the police action of Oct. 25, is provided by Psychology PhD student Makenna Berry, a regular contributor to Saybrook’s psychology blog The New Existentialists) History? More like our story. It has become the story of 100’s swelling to include 1000’s who have come together in downtown… Read more »

Studying “place” – and all its powers


Where you are can effect what you do.  We just don’t know why. A University of Georgia study (PDF) of more than 10,000 fifth-graders in 71 elementary schools showed that students who could see gardens, mountains and other natural elements from their classrooms scored significantly higher on tests in vocabulary and math than students whose… Read more »

Psychiatry and clinical psychology have failed. Here’s how we do better.


This has been a bad week for mental illness. According to the New York Times, five of the current ten “personality disorders” will not be included in the next publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The most controversial to be cut is “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” – the “Malady of Me” disease!… Read more »

The Psychology of Survival: what happened after AIDS


Prior to the advent of the antiretroviral (AVR) medications, gay men who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS were confronting almost certain death. Now, with relatively easy availability of AVR medication, they confront a life that will be devoted dealing with a chronic illness and any potential lingering medical and emotional complications. Many experience shame, grief, isolation… Read more »

Guided imaging comes out of the wilderness

Complementary medicine has taken some big steps in America’s biggest state.  A program of guided imagery for those who have undergone cancer treatments will be utilized at Alaska Regional Hospital – and the State of Alaska’s insurance carrier, Wells Fargo Alaska Care, will pay for state employees and retirees to go through it.  The Commissioner… Read more »

Tweet 911!!!

Sometimes the hardest part of an emergency is knowing where to turn. When something goes wrong, what do you do? Calling “911” is an option that most of us know by rote, and it’s a great choice – help is often just a phone call away. But the 911 system, like most of our Emergency… Read more »

How to help schools help creative kids

There are a lot of things kids can do to get in trouble in school, and being more creative than the test they’re taking may be near the top of the list. Overwhelmed teachers say they’re having trouble finding the time to work with creative students, and an increasingly tight regimen of standardized tests means… Read more »