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Phenomenologyês Relationship With Empirical Science


Maurice Merleau-Ponty Since Husserl, phenomenological philosophers have dialogued with the empirical sciences in an attempt to contribute to a more complete human science—a science that speaks to the fullness of being human. The job of our philosophers, in this context, is to invite an opening up of an epistemological conversation that renews the sciences’ exploration… Read more »

Experience and Psychological Well-Being


Photo by Andreas Praefcke via Wikimedia Commons The question of what constitutes psychological well-being has always fascinated me because it appears so elusive.  With the exception of positive psychology, it is most readily defined as an absence of psychopathology and efforts to assert its constituent parts seem under theorized.  Yet the notion of psychological well-being… Read more »

Retardation and meaning


(Creative Commons license) Years of working with adults with developmental disabilities have left me with questions regarding the meaning and meaningfulness of the lives of people who experience high levels of mental retardation. I mean something different here from purpose.  What a divine entity might mean for these people must remain a question beyond my… Read more »