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Humanistic Partnerships Make us Stronger


Dear Saybrook Community: Our university has always been made stronger by forging well thought out partnerships with other institutions. Whether that has meant connecting with individual scholars who are leaders in their field to serve as thesis advisors or contributors to our scholarly blogs, or connecting with educational institutions such as the Jung Center of… Read more »

Help Us Support New Students


We live in a time when any human emotion is seen as “treatable” by drugs;  a time when organizations are desperately searching for ways to better organize and sustain communities; a time when the potential of new technologies for social transformation seems boundless, but is so far untested. We live in a time when the… Read more »

Meet Saybrook’s New President

Earlier this month the Saybrook Board of Trustees unanimously selected Mark Schulman to serve as Saybrook’s next president.  Currently serving as President of Goddard College in Vermont and Washington, whose endowment he has tripled while increasing its enrollment, Mark has also served as President and Professor of Humanities at Antioch University Southern California; and Academic… Read more »

An interview with Interim President Bob Schmitt

“Higher education is changing radically,” says Bob Schmitt, Saybrook’s new interim president.  “There are people who say that in 20 years, you won’t recognize higher education, that’s how much it will change.  I think Saybrook, with its humanistic values and experience with distance learning, has a compelling role to play in this new environment as… Read more »

President’s Message: Ideas can bring us together

The Saybrook Forum represents an initiative designed specifically to enhance communication among the constituents of our community. Our dispersed environment presents several challenges to sustaining community and the spirit of this newsletter – as is the case with the several programmatic newsletters already in publication — is to support a more cohesive and coherent Saybrook…. Read more »