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A Healing Curiosity


Berlinghieri’s St. Francis of Assisi (1235). “What was your experience of taking Ritalin like?” She shot back a look, somewhat surprised, almost shocked at my question. It seemed she found it incredulous that anyone would ask for HER account of her experience. And why not? Having been diagnosed multiple times by different people in different… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: Existential Practice in Singapore


A view of downtown Singapore. A brief introduction about myself I am a social worker from Singapore—a young one. My career in this field is barely five years old. Prior to my current work as a school guidance counselor, I have previously worked in community-based family services and mental health services. The mental health services… Read more »

When Many Men Pass One Way


走前面的人走过的路! I took the road less traveled, and it made all the difference. – Robert Frost At the 2nd International Conference on Existential Psychology held in Shanghai in May, Xuefu Wang presented a keynote address on Lu Xun and the Iron House, providing a quick glimpse into an indigenous Chinese model of existential psychology and… Read more »