Saybrook University – Updates on COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak

As many of you are aware, the coronavirus continues to spread and additional guidance has recently been provided from local, regional and government officials.

For updates on how we’re responding, read below for actions taken, next steps, and additional guidance.

Actions Taken

The University has been in contact with local officials, monitoring governmental guidance, and communicating as appropriate with programs impacted by this news. We have taken the following actions:

  1. Suspended all Saybrook and System-related domestic and international travel until further notice
  2. Canceled all study abroad trips through May 2020. Department chairs will be reaching out to students who are affected by this decision on next steps
  3. Effective immediately, canceled Saybrook-sponsored in-person events through at least April 10, 2020
  4. Canceled attendance at events that involve large gatherings
  5. Continued the requirement that staff at the Pasadena office return home or remain home if they are sick, followed by disinfection of any affected areas
  6. Ensuring weekly deep cleaning of office location

Next Steps

  1. Monitoring: We will continue to monitor the situation as we have been doing, alerting the community as appropriate.
  2. Meetings, Classes and Coursework: Given we’re virtual in nature, all online activities remain in effect, including virtual meetings
    a. Student Attendance/Engagement: Faculty are encouraged to consult with their department chairs regarding students who may be affected. Our main guidance here is follow all departmental and university guidelines as relate to attendance, assignments, and other program policies.

Additional Guidance for All Saybrook Community Members

  1. If you have flu, cold, or other symptoms that might suggest coronavirus or other illnesses, we ask that you remain home both to recover and reduce the spread of infection. This is good practice in general.
  2. Ensure you’re taking standard health precautions such as washing your hands, getting your flu and other relevant vaccines, and taking good care of yourself.
  3. See a doctor if symptoms persist to help in the healing process and promote reduced infection times.
  4. Learn more by going to the CDC Coronavirus web page:

Support Contacts

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of us below:

Nathan Long, President: [email protected]

Academic Affairs Questions: Devin Byrd, Vice President: [email protected]

Human Resource Questions: Joline Pruitt, Director of Business Operations: [email protected]

Student Affairs Questions: Joseph Strouth, Associate Dean of Students: [email protected]