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Terri Goslin-Jones

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Humanistic Psychology
Saybrook University
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Terri Goslin-Jones, PhD, serves as Psychology/Creativity Studies faculty at Saybrook University.

Her reason for teaching is to support life-long learners who are on a personal quest to create change in their life and in their part of the world. Creativity is at the heart of her work. Terri believes that every person has a creative, unique spirit, and that creative energy is a vehicle for growth. In her dissertation, The Perceived Effects of Person-Centered Expressive Arts on One's Work, Terri wrote, "Work can be a sacred place where people are giving birth to their deepest passions and creative spirit."

In her private practice as a workplace psychologist, Terri works with individuals and groups. Her business mission is to "Discover the Wonder of People at Work™." Her consulting work includes several key areas: creativity and expressive arts-based learning, coaching, leadership development, mindfulness, and team building. Terri has found that work becomes more meaningful when creativity is nurtured in the workplace through the expression of a person's unique gifts, talents, and perspectives.

Terri completed her doctorate in psychology and also completed a two-year Person-Centered Expressive Arts certificate program as well as the Creativity Studies certificate. Terri teaches courses in Art-based Inquiry, Coaching, Creativity, Expressive Arts, Leadership, Humanistic Psychology, Personal Mythology and Poetry. She is a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE) and serves as an International Expressive Arts Therapist Association board member. 

Terri is a mindfulness facilitator and completed UCLA's Mindfulness Research Awareness Center Trainers program (MARC). She is in the third year of an advanced training program in Poetic Medicine with the Institute for Poetic Medicine.

Terri completed the 20-day, Nine-Gates Mystery School, an experiential immersion from the Celtic, African, Native American, Spiritual Psychology, Sufi, esoteric Christian, Hindu, Sound Healing, Kabbalah, and Buddhist traditions. She has a passion for exploring humanistic and transpersonal psychology, world religions, and multi-cultural worldviews.

She received certification in coaching (ICF through Lee Hecht Harrison), MBTI, HOGAN, Dimensional management training, Dismantling Racism-NCCJ, International Association of Quality Circles, and Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 Feedback.

Website: www.terrigoslin-jones.com

Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Business/IO Psychology Leadership
Career/Workplace Issues Career Development
Work/Life Balance
Coaching Executive and Career Coaching
Health and Wellness Coaching
Life Coaching
Consciousness & Spirituality Studies Spirituality
Counselor Education Creativity
Creativity Studies Arts and healing
Leadership & Management Human Resource Management
Leadership Approaches and Practices
Psychology Business/IO Psychology
Humanistic Psychology
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Education History
Degree Institution Year
Ph.D. Psychology Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA 2010
M.S. Personnel and Counseling Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio 1980
B.S. Psychology Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1978
UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center Facilitator Training UCLA, Los Angeles 2017
Poetic Medicine Practitioner Certificate Institute of Poetic Medicine, Palo Alto 2022
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
REACE Committee International Expressive Arts Therapists Association
Member American Psychological Association
Member Institute of Noetic Sciences
Community Involvement
Role Organization
Board Member Forsyth School "Artist in Residence"
REACE Committee International Expressive Arts Therapists Association
Curriculum Vitae
Title Location Date
Creative Expressive Arts and Everyday Living APA Symposium: San Francisco, CA August 2018
Mending Social Fabrics: The Alchemy of Self-Compassion IEATA Conference in Winnipeg, Canada October 5, 2017
Person-Centered Expressive Arts Research Panel IEATA Conference in Hong Kong October 9, 2015
Exploring the Roar Behind Self-Silencing IEATA Conference in Hong Kong October 8, 2015
What is Beneath the Veil: Art Exhibit C.G. Jung Society Jung in the Heartland: The Altar of the Earth September 2015
Person-Centered Expressive Arts: A journey to creative relationships APA Symposium: Orlando, Florida August 2012
Using Expressive Arts to Cultivate a Person's Fuller Potential in the Workplace APA Poster Session: Washington, DC August 2011
The Perceived Effects of Person-Centered Expressive Arts on One's Work Experience APA Poster Session: Washington, DC August 2011

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Professional Skills
creativity, coaching, expressive arts, mindfulness, qualitative research, leadership,