Michael Sakuma



Michael Sakuma

Faculty, Advanced Assessment Specialization Coordinator

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  • Saybrook University
Humanistic and Clinical Psychology
Saybrook University

Michael J. Sakuma, Ph.D. graduated with his doctoral degree from Stony Brook University in Biopsychology and re-specialized in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University-Teacher's College. He is a licensed psychologist in Washington and New York States and has close to 20 years of experience as a clinician. Moreover, Dr. Sakuma has taught psychology for 2 decades at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years he has taught statistics, quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods I and II, biological psychology, theories of personality, Abnormal Psychology/Psychopathology, history of psychology, ethics, problems of human disconnection, neuropsychology, tests and measurement, social psychology, adult developmental psychology, psychopharmacology drugs of abuse, and cognitive assessment, personality assessment, and advanced personality assessment.

He currently serves as the coordinator of the advanced assessment track of the clinical psychology program. His professional interests revolve mainly around the topic of sleep, and mindfulness. He has multiple publications documenting various aspects of longitudinal structural brain change in Schizophrenia. More personal interests revolve around animal welfare, speciesism, and our "complicated" relationship with other living beings He and his wife can be found several times a month either sweeping out the pens of pigs, goats and donkeys at local animal sanctuaries, floating in an isolation tank or trying to maintain consciousness in a Crossfit WOD.