Terila Johnson



Terila Johnson

Adjunct Faculty

Business Administration
Saybrook University

Dr. Terila Johnson is an educator, entrepreneur, researcher, and higher education professional with a demonstrated history in multiple industries. Dr. Johnson is skilled and has research expertise in design thinking, management, research-based coaching, training and development, adult education, and research self-efficacy. Dr. Johnson is the Founder of Penny Wise, LLC., a leadership consulting agency that provides coaching, mentoring, education, entrepreneurial expertise, public speaking, lecturing, and designing for authorship. Equipping leaders to do little things that lead to big change. Engaging leaders in ways that promote thriving and modeling how every problem is an opportunity to overcome and become a solution. Meaningful and value-based leadership is shared to help leaders expand their capabilities. Dr. Johnson is a Flint, Michigan native who earned her bachelor's degree in Applied Sciences with emphases in economics and psychology from the University of Michigan. An MBA from Baker College in leadership studies. She completed her doctorate in business administration with an emphasis in management from Grand Canyon University. Dr. Johnson is a wife, mother, business advisor and coach, mentor, educator, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Johnson's life's mission is to empower people to harness the possibilities in problems, obstacles, and failures. Her motto is "every problem I face is an opportunity for me to overcome and become a solution." Dr. Johnson's purpose is to educate, mentor, and coach leaders to make the most out of problems and opportunities by adjusting to change, working with impact, and overcoming obstacles using their distinctive and acquired leadership abilities. Dr. Johnson's mindset is each day provides numerous opportunities. To apply her knowledge and expertise as functions of service readily

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