Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry



Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry


Humanistic and Clinical Psychology
Saybrook University

Dr. Vasiliki Georgoulas-Sherry is the Faculty Psychology Academic Advisor for the Department of Humanistic Psychology. Her work and research interests focus on resilience and recovery from trauma, disaster behavioral health, positive psychology, injury and violence, epidemiology, and mental health, and has published numerous published papers in these fields. She works as a full-time Epidemiologist for WA's Department of Health (DOH) in their Center for Health Statistics and identifies, analyzes, and interprets behavioral health syndromic surveillance data. She also has a broad and unique range of teaching experience, including civilian, military, and inmate populations working as an adjunct professor at Mercy College, University of Maryland Global Campus, and Southern New Hampshire University. Dr. Georgoulas-Sherry received her PhD in Cognitive Psychology and her dissertation focused on the impact of resilience and grit on deductive and inductive reasoning following exposure to adverse environments.