Prepare for a career in mind-body medicine and integrative health

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Pursue your M.S. or Ph.D. in Mind-body Medicine and enhance your understanding of the connection between our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual lives.

Both hybrid-online programs explore holistic approaches to wellness that can improve the quality of your patient care while gaining valuable experience in areas such as:

  • Mind-Body Therapies and Practices
  • Psychophysiology of the Human Stress Response
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Guided Imagery
  • Clinical and Applied Hypnosis
  • Movement Modalities for Health

In partnership with the Institute for Spirituality and Health, you will also have the opportunity to take part in a four-day Mind-Body-Spirit Integration seminar in Houston, TX.

 About the Residential Conferences

Students who enroll in the Houston RC program will take part in four 4-day residential conferences throughout the program, as fulfillment of the residential training requirements for the 39 credit M.S. in Mind-Body Medicine or the 75 credit Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine.

Residential Conferences will be held at the offices of the Institute for Spirituality and Health in the Texas Medical Center.

Residential Conference Dates

September 2019 | January 2020 | September 2020 | January 2021

Discover how you can impact the future of health care while experiencing a progressive approach to higher education.

Special Tuition Rate | Summer Start | New Cohort Residential Conference May 8 – 11, 2020

Join us for an upcoming virtual information session:

  • Wednesday, January 29, at 7 pm CST
  • Wednesday, February 12, at 7 pm CST
  • Wednesday, March 11, at 7 pm CDT
  • Wednesday, April 8, at 7 pm CDT
Access Code: 982-668-221

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses such as:

Mind-Body Therapies and Practices

This course introduces students to the principles and evidence supporting mind-body practices as one of the leading complementary approaches in the healthcare field.  A large amount of published research supports the effectiveness of mind-body medicine for health outcomes and overall wellbeing.   In the past five years alone, thousands of studies have documented the therapeutic benefits of mind-body therapies on physical, mental, and emotional health.  Through the weekly readings, discussions, and practices, students will have opportunities to integrate these principles and techniques in their personal life and professional work.

Complementary and Integrative Health

This survey course introduces integrative professions and practices within a system for health, wellness, and healing.  Throughout the term, students will critically investigate the research literature supporting the paradigms, practices, and services associated with complementary systems including naturopathy, structural and traditional medicine.  In addition, specific modalities within the systems will also be explored.  These topics include homeopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy and bodywork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and ayurvedic medicine.  The final module concludes with an examination of trends and opportunities in the field of integrative health and wellness.

Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine

This course presents a comprehensive overview of lifestyle medicine and optimizing pathways toward greater wellbeing.  As a foundations course, students will be introduced to holistic approaches to assess various dimensions of personal wellness.  Each week, students will explore a new dimension of wellness by reviewing and critiquing literature and assessment in positive health, lifestyle medicine, health promotion, and cultural humility and sensitivity.  This class is fundamental for students preparing for a career in wellness coaching and consulting.

About the Institute for Spirituality and Health

The Institute for Spirituality and Health (ISH) was founded in 1955 as one of the founding members of the Texas Medical Center. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit inter-faith organization. Believing all people are spiritual beings, its mission is to “increase awareness of the relationship spirituality plays in health and in healing.”


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