Student Consumer Information

Higher Education Opportunity Act Student Consumer Information

Under the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Saybrook University is required to make available certain information to current and prospective students. In order to assist consumers make a more informed decision about their education options, the U.S. Department of Education has set forth disclosure guidelines. The following information is provided to students to give them a general overview of the Student Financial Aid Assistance available at Saybrook University. Each Link leads to a website that provides more detailed informed information. If you wish to obtain a hard copy of any of the documents, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 415-394-5350. You may also visit the U.S. Department of Education HEOA website. For your convenience, this webpage contains links that will direct you to the appropriate websites or information required.

General Institutional Information

Financial Aid Assistance

Budgeting your Money

Understanding Credit


Psychology Scholarships


Health and Safety

Student Outcomes

Voter’s Registration


The Saybrook University Guide to Student Consumer Information is produced by the Financial Aid Office

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