The Saybrook Experience

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More than an education, Saybrook University’s residential conferences are an experience that will impact your life and the community you’re going to serve. At the beginning of each semester, Saybrook students, faculty, and staff gather for a unique, five-day event in Monterey, California.


“Be ready for change. Be ready for transformation. Be brave about that change. It’s going to impact your life and the community you’re going to serve.”

—Dr. Nathan Long, President Saybrook University


What to Expect

Before you start working with your classmates and instructors online, this is your chance to meet them face-to-face—to form genuine, lasting relationships that you will continue to cultivate with each successive conference.  Most degree programs at Saybrook require you to attend a conference at the beginning of each semester and students and faculty alike eagerly look forward to reuniting in person.

Here, you have the opportunity to explore your chosen field with students and faculty from around the globe. You will watch films produced by your fellow students that address the needs of people suffering in our world. You will hear stories both profoundly personal and empowering, and you may even find yourself dancing in the tradition of West Africa.

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Our Residential Conferences are a safe place for students and faculty to explore their fields of study, as well as their own personal experiences. The most important thing is to be open to the views of others while remaining vocal about your own. Be comforted in knowing that whatever you decide to share, you will have people to support you.

Residential Conferences are an integral part of the community at Saybrook University. Each conference is a new opportunity to explore and celebrate yourself as well as the world around you.

Immerse yourself in a community of seekers and emerge transformed.


 300+ attendees | 5 full days | 150+ courses and events 


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Returning Students

Residential Conferences for the majority of our hybrid-online programs are held at the start of each semester, both for in-person learning and to introduce courses for the semester ahead.


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New Students

New students at Saybrook University are required to attend an additional Residential Orientation held immediately before their first Residential Conference*. The orientation familiarizes students with Saybrook University’s education requirements, faculty and staff, distance learning modalities, and courses for the initial semester.


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*Requirements vary by program. To learn more about the Residential Orientation and Conferences, specific to each degree and certificate program, contact Admissions today.