International Student Scholarship


The International Student Scholarship is awarded to international students (non-U.S. Citizens, non-U.S. Permanent Residents) who demonstrate both the potential to add cultural and geographic diversity to the classroom and the ability to spread the mission of Saybrook University globally. Qualified applicants must submit an essay describing the journey that led them to Saybrook, referencing obstacles encountered, how they were overcome, and events that led them to choose their projected career path and degree program at Saybrook University. The essay should explain how the applicant plans to incorporate their life experiences into their contributions to the Saybrook community, and how they plan to utilize their future degree to address the current and future needs of their home country. Awardees will receive a $5,000 scholarship that will be divided equally between their first two semesters and applied towards tuition. Students must maintain good academic standing in order to receive the scholarship’s second installment. To be considered, scholarship applicants must have already been awarded acceptance to Saybrook University. International Applicants can submit their scholarship consideration essay directly to our Global Enrollment team at: [email protected].

Application Question:

  • In a 500-800 word essay, describe the journey you have experienced that led you to Saybrook University. Reference obstacles you have encountered, how they were overcome, and the events that led you to choose your current career path and degree program at Saybrook University.
  • Explain how you plan to incorporate what you have learned from your previous life experiences into your contributions to the Saybrook community.
  • Finally, describe the current needs that exist within your home country specifically regarding your chosen career field and explain what experiences from your education at Saybrook you plan to utilize as you aid in addressing these needs post-graduation.