masters in management

4 reasons a master’s in manage...

As businesses evolve in an effort to adapt in the 21st century, management will evolve.
Traveling around the world creates endless lessons.

Saybrook students collaborate with A...

Dr. Piazza and student Kelly Rundle discuss a 16-week global leadership course with Austrian students.
From hearts to hypnosis

Why one psychologist took clinical h...

Find out why Dr. Flavio Epstein, a heart failure/transplant psychologist, chose to pursue clinical hypnosis.
As a non-profit, private, regionally accredited institution conceived in 1964, Saybrook University reimagines higher education.


By Nathan Long, Ed.D. Saybrook University President I have had some significant time to think
How can we better support women’s equality in the workplace?

The importance of gender equity

How can we improve equality so women have the same financial and career opportunities as
Understanding leadership personalities

What personality types support good ...

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is used to improve organizational performance.
Leadership techniques

My perspective on leadership

There are numerous definitions of leadership, and many books continue to be written on this
Book by Niccol Machiavelli

Humanizing Machiavelli and his conce...

Arguably, Niccolò Machiavelli set a foundation for the plethora of leadership theories that exist today.
The emergent change of music

Exploring Emergent change

We can easily distinguish between planned and unplanned change.