A bite to eat

Learning to actually ‘live’ before I...

Dr. Grojean tells the story of a breakdown before finding her true self.
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Yoga group

Connecting guided imagery and motiva...

In Part 4 of her series, Saybrook alumna Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses guided imagery.
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Wellness coaches team up with clients for the best wellness plan.

Wellness coaching: A new career path

Wellness coaching is a growing field in integrative health care. Dr. Carleen Phelps explains.
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Sierra Women’s Club, which includes Lucinda Rost, has business and community leaders of diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds all united with a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

Scholarship winner proves #ChangingL...

Lucinda Rost wants to teach others to improve their mind-body medicine knowledge.
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How is your physical and your emotional condition today?

Importance of ‘checking in’ after si...

In Part 3 of her series, Saybrook alumna Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses her experiences with group meditation.
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Bjelland wants to help HSPs find their inner joy.

Calm, cool, collected: Saybrook alum...

Saybrook alumna Julie Bjelland’s initial interest in psychology stood on four legs.
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Silent meditation

Relax, release, rebuild through sile...

Part 2 in blog series: Dr. Tamami Shirai speaks about silent meditation.
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Using memories for mental health

Connecting ancestral healing and psy...

Dr. Foor's book "Ancestral Healing: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing" explores blood lineage connection.
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Mindfulness or McMindfulness: Can we...

Part 1 in blog series: Dr. Tamami Shirai discusses mindfulness in Western culture.
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