By: Dean Johnson

a hopeful future Saybrook student shares her inquisitive mind with the Saybrook University thought community

Enjoy the moment in this form,

but everything, when you're reborn.

Traveled so far, ready to return,

matter no longer your concern.

You are eternity, limitless, vast,

no future, boundaries, or past.

Loving all throughout your stay,

to find this truth, will light your way.

Should doubts and fear arise in you,

invite the dreams and walk into...

the all and nothing, we are in each...

other, and everything within our reach.


Artist's statement: This poem is a spiritual and a beautiful reminder that we all are connected, limitless, and immortal. I hope that this poem can make people realize that we have the ability to be one with each other and to be spiritual in the moment to moment reality as well as in our dreams.