Saybrook graduates Drs. Renee Rolle Whatley and Ramona Rolle-Berg host new webinar series on energy medicine for the healing touch program

By Saybrook University

Saybrook Graduates Drs. Renee Rolle Whatley and Ramona Rolle-Berg Host New Webinar Series on Energy Medicine for the Healing Touch Program

Renee Rolle-Whatley, PhD, HTCP, MS., LSHC, and Ramona Rolle-Berg, PhD, HTCP, MS., LSHC, are energy medicine practitioners and researchers. Both are graduates of the Saybrook University College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. They are co-producers and co-hosts of Energy Medicine in the Spotlight.

In October of 2015, the Healing Touch Program™ (an international membership organization of biofield therapy and other health care professionals) undertook an opportunity to expand its membership outreach program.  Former students of Saybrook University’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Renee Rolle-Whatley and Dr. Ramona Rolle-Berg, both board certified Healing Touch Practitioners, volunteered to produce and host the webinar through their company, Rolle Integrative Healing Solutions, LLC.  They presented the HTP executive board with a plan to improve participation in monthly business calls via focused theme-oriented topics aimed at improving practitioner knowledge and practice.  The Drs. Rolle-Berg and Rolle-Whatley changed the title to Energy Medicine in the Spotlight (EMITS), assembled/contracted a broad cadre of speakers, created a show intro music brand, show logo, and added a dedicated forum board to expand community with post-webinar shared learning.

Drs. Renee and Ramona settled on the Science/Spirit partnership as the theme for the 2016 EMITS series. This initiative fits naturally with their own research interests: the emergent scientific framework inclusive of biofield theory and evolving mechanisms of action for holistic healing practices.  The 2016 EMITS series will cover a widespread range of topics such as spiritual intelligence and transformation, the Dialogue process of physicist David Bohm, biofield devices, Earthing, and the impact of intention and bonding on health and healing.

The first two EMITS speakers are familiar to the Saybrook College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences audience.  Lynne Shaner, PhD, a recent Saybrook graduate took to the EMITS microphone in January, speaking on her research into the benefits of long-term meditation.  In February, Larry Dossey, MD, entertained members and guests with his customary keen wit and insight as he discoursed about One Mind consciousness and why everyone, not only practitioners, should adopt this awareness.

The EMITS program airs the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm PT.  Registration is required and guests/members can access the interviews via phone or a web portal.  Non-HTP members may also attend for a minimal fee.  Early registration is highly recommended.  Updates and event registration links for upcoming months will be posted on Drs. Renee and Ramona’s company Facebook page.