Saybrook University: Be ready for change

By Saybrook University

Recently, we asked several of our students, alumni, and faculty what Saybrook University means to them.

Their answers were striking.

What quickly emerged from our conversations was that Saybrook was an experience more than an education. Everyone we spoke to pointed to the transformation that they experienced at Saybrook University, and how that transformation has prepared them to make a significant positive change in the world.

In a setting built on support, sharing, and understanding the other, Saybrook helps create connections between students and faculty. Building a community that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of things, this shared connection leads to positive transformation both inside oneself as well as in diverse communities and organizations around the world.

Transformation is not always easy. To that, Saybrook University’s president, Dr. Nathan Long, calls on students to be ready for change and to be brave. “It’s going to impact your life and community you’re going to serve,” he says.

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Kelly Hudson is a graduate of Saybrook’s Ph.D. Psychology Program. After acquiring her M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling degree at Saybrook, she knew she needed to go further. Through the support of the faculty at Saybrook, she acquired a degree that could help her with her clients—teaching children how to communicate and get along with each other. In addition to her work as an online professor, Kelly is the Co-Owner/Director of Precious Little Ones Child Development Academy, LLC.

Chad Cryder is currently a student in the Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program at Saybrook University. He is also a relationship coach, author, and speaker. As a gay man, he recognizes the challenges that members of the LGBTQ community face in society as well as in their personal relationships. While he intends to counsel relationships from all populations, Chad wishes to focus on helping gay men deal with the stigma of advanced age.

Dr. Kent Becker is the Dean of Social Sciences at Saybrook University. With over 20 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Becker is currently working with mental health clients through the use of photovoice. As a research and advocacy tool, photovoice helps individuals share their stories through photographs and narratives—helping them confront societal challenges as well as work through mental health issues.

Dan Leahy is the Director of the Seattle Campus. With over 20 years of leadership development experience and 16 years as a clinical therapist, Dan is dedicated to preparing students meet the challenges that they face holistically and effectively.

Ben Trelease is an adjunct faculty for Saybrook University’s Seattle campus. Teaching subjects that include helping skills, group leadership, and couples counseling, Ben believes that Saybrook University helps create a unique connection between students and faculty that extends beyond the classroom. In addition to teaching, Ben also maintains his own private counseling practice serving couples and individuals.

Nathan Long is the president of Saybrook University. Understanding the need for significant change in the world, he sees Saybrook as a university that offers a progressive education where students can learn to address challenges holistically—changing personally to bring about social transformation.