Saybrook University student in mind-body medicine conducts Shamanic training program

By Saybrook University
Kimberly Errigo - student in the MS program in Mind-Body Medicine
Kimberly Errigo is a student in the MS program in Mind-Body Medicine.

Kimberly Errigo is a student in the Saybrook University Master’s of Science program in Mind-Body Medicine. She is a human behavior expert with almost two decades of experience as a shamanic leadership coach and is a respected transformational teacher. Her shamanic training program, ELEVATE, offers a way for students to grow their consciousness, heal the deepest challenges in their lives, and return to their true power.

Shamans are “doctors of the spirit.” Shamanic practice has been relatively invisible for many generations in Western culture, despite the fact that it has been found in the histories of all indigenous cultures around the world for the past 30,000 years. Shamans have always been held in a place of esteem by their communities because they are able to facilitate change that cannot be explained or accomplished by other means. Today, shamanism is gaining significance among Western professionals — including medical doctors, scholars, and psychologists — because shamans are able to get results, often when other interventions have failed.

Kimberly received spiritual training from traditional Native American leaders in North, South, and Central America, including the Arawak Nation from the Colombian Andes; the Kuna Nation from the rainforest of Panama; the Lakota and Ojibwe Nations of the upper Midwest; the Mapuche Nation of Chile; and the Q’ero Nation of Peru and Bolivia. She has been initiated as a pipe carrier, sweatlodge leader, kultrun carrier, and a facilitator of the sacred Munay-Ki rites. She has coached clients from many well-known corporations, including Cisco, Amazon, Oracle, Google, Twitter, Varian, Best Buy, and Boeing. She also has worked with entrepreneurs and high level administrators in every sector.

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