Video recap: Experiencing humanity

By Blake Pinto

The world is always waiting to be discovered. Studying abroad allows students to explore it, challenging their perspectives and introducing them to various cultures while confronting them with pressing issues they’ll face as professionals and throughout life.

Saybrook University encourages this type of personal journey and interactive educational experience for our students.

Witness our inspiring video recapping a 10-day visit to Berlin for the "Immigration in Contexts" course offered last year. Students encountered refugees at the emergency refugee shelter of the Berliner Stadtmission (a.k.a. “The Balloon”), an air-inflated shelter assembled in 2014 to assist in housing a growing number of refugees and asylum seekers.


TCS Education System: Education Beyond Borders, Immigration in Context

It was the first in a series of study-abroad programs from the "Education Beyond Borders" initiative of TCS Education System. Students bonded with the shelter’s residents, inviting them to participate in the PhotoVoice project. It paired the fortunate and the less fortunate, asking them to tour Berlin while using simple photography to answer a complex question: “Who Are You?”

Experiencing humanity in its darkest hour, many students found that even in darkness there remains a beacon of light. As one student said, “I can’t forget the noise—not from crying, yelling, or other sounds of distress—but from people laughing and talking and children playing.”

Education isn’t always found in a book. Many times it must be sought out through transformative experiences. At Saybrook University our students learn about the world by engaging with it. This creates opportunities to truly learn about the issues affecting the global community, and then act to solve them.

Watch the full video to discover the impact you can have on the world while pursuing an education that goes beyond borders.